The General Public

For patients and the public in general, the ITCO offers clear, comprehensive information on various aspects of thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. The information is updated regularly based on the most recent scientific evidence, and its reliability is guaranteed by national and international experts and member Institutions.

Via the ITCO website, patients can consult some of the top medical experts in the field and find useful information on local healthcare facilities and medical specialists providing the services they need. Online conferences can also be arranged local physicians and one or more specialists affiliated with the Foundation. The goal here is to help bridge the gaps—real and perceived—between the medical knowledge and care available in large urban centers and that offered in smaller cities and towns, where most patients and their families live and work. This ITCO network provides patients with easy access to the benefits of modern, evidence-based medicine without leaving their homes and loved ones. If necessary, the network can also arrange patient referreals to highly specialized facilities, which provide access to diagnostic procedures and treatments that may not be available locally.


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