Letter to future Members

Dear Friend,

The Italian Thyroid Cancer Observatory Foundation (ITCO) association was established in September 2014.

ITCO Foundation comes into being as a model of a modern platform on thyroid cancer in the certainty that this pathology has to be tackled through continuous exchange of view on clinical, social, economic and health-policy issues.

The activity of the association aims to study thyroid nodular disorders and thyroid cancer, involving all those who are engaged in the care, coordination, communication, research and management of thyroid cancer.

From the convergence of experience and knowledge, ITCO aims to determine the dimensions of a phenomenon (increase in the prevalence of thyroid nodules and the incidence of thyroid carcinomas, which have trebled in the past decade especially in women), identify their causes, diffuse strategies of treatment and optimal and standardized surveillance, in compliance with the scientific evidence of the international guidelines but also in the light of the different local situations of care.

The structured exchange, the analysis and continuous monitoring of data allow determining a variety of indicators to be able to identify short-, medium- and long-term strategies that can bring about real changes in management.

Through the analysis and the integration of the four structural areas – clinical, social, economic and political – on which the modern approach to healthcare is based, it will be possible to identify the priorities of action on thyroid cancer pathology in Italy.

ITCO comprises two operative instruments:

  1. Register of family thyroid cancers
  2. Observational register of thyroid carcinomas.

In the light of your specific competence and your extensive experience in thyroid cancer pathology, we believe your contribution is fundamental to reaching the objectives of the Observatory and therefore, on behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to invite you to become a full member of ITCO, filling in the membership form.

Thanking you for your attention,
Kind regards,

Rocco Bellantone


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